5 Facts about Car Crashing Injuries

Car accidents, unfortunately, are super frequent in different parts of the world, and according to some statistics, more than one million people die annually in this type of traffic accidents.

That’s why it’s a subject that must be taken very seriously and with a great deal of responsibility. Here we bring you some facts about car crashing injuries.

Most Common Ages Between 15 And 40 Years

8 most common ages - 5 Facts about Car Crashing Injuries

The most frequent ages to suffer the consequences of severe car accidents ranges from 15 to 40 years approximately, according to statistics based on death certificates it represents approximately 50% around the world in this type of accidents.

Speed Is The Main Cause

8 speed is the main cause - 5 Facts about Car Crashing Injuries

The increase in speed can really cause serious damage and increase the risks of suffering a car accident, due to totally unconscious acts, and according to the statistics that’s why speed is the main cause of this type of accidents.

Driving distracted or under the effects of alcohol are the other major causes of accidents, where an even bigger percentage of pedestrians have died as a result of been run over.

More Than 1 Million People Die Annually

8 more than 1 million - 5 Facts about Car Crashing Injuries

According to studies carried out, approximately more than 1 million 250 thousand people die in road accidents. And approximately more than 20 million people have suffered serious physical injuries that have even led to disability.

Unsafe Vehicles

8 unsafe vehicles - 5 Facts about Car Crashing Injuries

A small part of the percentage of this type of accidents is also due to totally insecure vehicles where they are not designed to reduce the probability of accidents, or that are the byproduct of the negligence of the driver, for example not checking that the brakes are working properly.

Economic Losses

8 economic losses - 5 Facts about Car Crashing Injuries

Traffic accidents translate into economic losses not only for family members who are the ones that more often than not pay for everything related to the treatment of those injured, but also for the state since close to 3% of their gross revenue are destined to traffic accidents.

That’s why there are many campaigns who are being promoted about road safety in order to meet the planned goal for the year 2020 of reducing the amount of accidents occurring yearly.

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