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We asked the questions

 to give you the answers!


These reports are based upon surveys conducted by the I Promise Program. 

Please feel free to print, copy and distribute or link from your website.

1) Driving Instructors Say: PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE Report and all replies

2) Is your teen prepared? Emergency items in case your car breaks down. 

3) Police Survey Report What police want parents of teen drivers to know. 

4) In case of crash... Does your teen know what to do in the event of a crash? 

5) Child Passenger Safety Report Child Passenger Safety Experts Respond. 

6) Agent and Broker survey How much insurance is enough? 
    Agent and broker report with complete set of their replies Report and all replies.

These links are to VIDEO news stories about teen drivers - very educational 

for parents and teens alike.

  1. video Operation Lifesaver - safe driving near railway tracks

  2. video A graphic commercial message about seatbelt use!


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