Our History

3 our history - Our HistoryHello, my name is Emily Atkinson, and I’m the creator of the website called “I promise program”. Over the past years I’ve been in charge of this website dedicated to help our community by preventing as many accidents as possible.

I promise program is a foundation that has only one goal, to prevent and stop the many road crashes and road accidents that are currently happening in our country.

And our means to stop these incidents is by spreading our word of advice and information about the safety procedures that you should follow even before sitting in your car.

We have spread our message of prevention for many years everywhere since the numbers of road crashes and accidents in our country are alarming, since in order to make our roads safer is to confront ourselves and realize what we are doing wrong.

Since we always give the most accurate advice as to what you should or should not do before hitting the road, we know that we have prevented a lot of potential accidents and we are more than proud to say that we are going to keep our mission of saving as many lives as we can by writing our content.

We know that there are many hazards in the road that are hard to avoid, and while most of them have already a penalty by the law, sometimes is hard to avoid incidents that can happen to anybody, but the most important fact about it is that you need to know what to do in those types of situations.

That is one of the focus of the I Promise program, to prepare any person that is behind the wheel and let them know exactly what to do in a situation of danger, as well what they should do in to prevent them, since an alarmingly high number of accidents are already predetermined if safety measures are ignored.

Given that most fatal accidents are the result of driving in a intoxicated state, is important to spread the word of conscience about driving while under the influence, as well as other seemingly innocuous distractions such as talking on the phone or just by simply not paying attention to the road, just remembering that is not only your life that could be in danger, but as well other persons that are on the road around you.

For that, our promise to our country is that we will do our best to eradicate any issue regarding incidents on the road, as well as spreading our message of prevention and safety that can prevent any of future incidents, and make the roads of our country safer and free of any kind of accident.