4 Easy Ways To Become A Safer Driver Today

Driving is a privilege, not a right, and it’s your duty to protect your fellow drivers when you’re on the road. How do you do that? By being the safest driver you can be. Below are four things you can do that will immediately make you safer.


Always plan out your journeys in advance

Like me, I’m sure you love to head out on the open road and just drive – there’s a sense of freedom you get from a car that you just can’t get from a country walk. Heading out for a drive is great, but if you have a journey in mind you shouldn’t be so casual. By planning your journey in advance you’ll instantly become a safer driver.

Why does planning your journey in advance make you a safer driver? It’s simple. Knowing where you’re going makes you less stressed, and allows you to focus on your actual driving – rather than putting too much attention on working out where you need to be. I recommend planning your journey on Google Maps, looking over it, then having it running while you drive.

Take plenty of rest stops to prevent tiredness

How many long journeys have you been on where you just want to get to the end? Plenty, and, believe me, I know the feeling. The problem with powering through when driving is that it’s reckless – “tiredness kills” a slogan all drivers are familiar with and it’s accurate. Make yourself a safer driver today by having regular breaks, so you stop getting tired and can drive at 100%.

Make sure you’ve checked your car before driving

Before you step into your car and sit down on the driver’s seat, make sure your car is safe enough for you to drive. This may sound like basic stuff and it is – I was taught this in my driving test and so were you and your parents – but it’s often missed. How does it make you safer? Because it helps you stop an accident before it happens.

Just imagine this scenario: you jump into your car and get onto the motorway. While you’re driving at 70 mph, it’s raining and you spin out of control. The resulting accident not only gives you permanent injuries, but it also kills several other people. What was the cause? Not enough grip on your tires, something you could have spotted by checking the tread depth before driving.

Always have a safety kit in your car

Having a safety kit in your car is such a blazingly obvious way of becoming a safer driver that you may have just paused, shrugged your shoulders, and said “yeaaaaaah?” But the thing is many people don’t have a safety kit in their car, and while it’s impossible to plan when an accident happens, you can be a safer driver by being prepared for them. So, put a safety kit in your car today (red warning triangle, torch, jumper cables, water, blanket etc…) – if you are involved in an accident your safety kit could save yours and someone else’s life.

Being safe is both big and clever. What’s really stupid is putting yourself and others at risk when you drive. So put these four tips into practice now and you’ll be a safer driver now and into the future.

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